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who we are

Jigsaw is a Strategic
Insights Consultancy.
Our vision is to make
consumer insights
accessible, inspirational
and actionable for
our clients.

We are a senior, specialised team who are passionate about working collaboratively with each other, with our clients and with the audiences they target.

Some of the things that define Jigsaw:

  • We challenge every brief to ensure we truly understand the commercial decisions it will impact
  • We are open and honest and will always have a point of view
  • We are creative problem solvers who use whatever ‘data’ is needed to crack an issue
  • We believe clients get the best value from a process of building hypotheses, testing and learning, rather than the delivery of project-based information that merely describes the status quo
  • We ensure our output is simple, clear and tells a compelling and commercially sound story
  • We know that research is often the beginning and that the ROI is in the implementation, rather than the research itself

As an agency, Jigsaw is deliberately eclectic and energetic. We are on a mission to continue to make a meaningful difference to our clients’ business success and ultimately the people, their products and services impact.

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what we do

The world is evolving at a rapid pace and has profoundly changed the way we think about business. 

Fresh Research Experiences For our clients, their stakeholders and the people we talk to.  We aim to delight by doing things differently and we deliver new perspectives on current thinking that is aligned with our clients’ needs.

Powerful Insights ‘Insights’ can be an over-used term, but it remains the reason why our clients continue to partner with us. It’s about pushing beyond the obvious and unearthing new thinking that resonates, excites and unlocks new and profitable opportunities.

Better Marketing Decisions Our focus is always commercial.  This means strong business results, not just great ideas.  Through concise, clear output, we deliver consumer stories and insights that inspire our clients to act.  We then continue to work closely with our clients to ensure the outcomes are implemented successfully.

The world of Shopper is changing. Our multi-channel world means a much more involved  and less linear journey to the checkout.

Jigsaw Shopper specialises in shopper and channel research for retailers and manufacturers.  Effective shopper engagement requires ongoing connection with shoppers across the entire purchase cycle.  We have a Consumer to Shopper Journey model that informs our thinking around this topical space.  We utilise different technology to help us uncover the ‘why’ behind behaviour and ultimately identify ways we can impact shopper behaviour to drive sales and profit.

Jigsaw’s approach to innovation embraces an
on-going learning process to ensure smarter, fitter, stronger ideas.

Jigsaw implements a 360 degree innovation process that champions ideas out of true insights.  Our thinking starts with opportunity identification through to concept development and idea optimisation to screening and commercial launch. Our approach is built around a bespoke database management tool that delivers an integrated and dynamic learning perspective and promotes the continuous evolution of ideas.

Brands have to fight their way into people’s lives more than ever.  Jigsaw’s approach to communications can help win that fight.

We operate in an ever-changing media landscape with a more empowered consumer who has changed the rules around how they interact with brands.  Our approach to communication development and evaluation keeps this evolving consumer in focus. We have a constructive philosophy, working in collaboration with agencies and consumers to help nurture creativity and build on ideas at all stages of the communication cycle.  By delivering fast, iterative learnings we help advertisers realise stronger marketing communications.

Ultimately a successful segmentation solution must be intuitive, fit with our understanding of the world and challenge our thinking.

Jigsaw's philosophy on any Segmentation solution is that it must be commercially relevant and act as a powerful tool to inform marketing strategy. We layer a rich understanding of consumers’/customers’ needs with behavioural data to develop an accessible and actionable segmentation.  We use big data analytic capabilities to aide this process and develop outputs and software solutions that ensure the segmentation becomes an established part of our clients’ vernacular and marketing plans.

Big data provides an opportunity to find insight in new and emerging types of data, to make a business more agile, and to answer questions that, in the past,
were beyond reach.

Today every client has any number of consumer databases; from those formed more organically via social media presence to more formal behavioural databases. The issue remains how to extract commercial value from this vast amount of consumer information. Our marketing sciences analytics team works alongside clients’ analysts to develop programmes of work to derive powerful insights from this data.  We often integrate qualitative approaches to add richness and understanding and delve deep into the ‘why?’ behind the behavioural models.

The shelf is the final opportunity for a brand to connect with a target and communicate its message.

We believe the power of pack is hugely under-estimated and often discounted in research. When a pack design connects with brand values and consumer needs it becomes a formidable tool for marketers to leverage. Jigsaw’s approach to pack incorporates a holistic understanding, from on-shelf to in-home; in a competitive context. Our work helps to formulate design briefs fuelled by relevant consumer insights through to optimisation of final designs.


Jigsaw Healthcare specialises in research amongst healthcare professionals and patients.  We have a team of specialist consultants with experience across a broad spectrum of therapy areas, prescription and consumer health sectors. Our work spans the early stages of drug development through to maximising in-market potential.  Our skill lies in having an accomplished understanding of how to engage these unique audiences.

  • What We Do
  • Shopper
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Segmentation
  • Big Data
  • Pack
  • Healthcare

Meet the team

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case studies

Jigsaw continues to partner with some
incredible, like-minded businesses and brands.
Click below to read more about some of the
recent work we are particularly proud of.
Read more
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Using big data to deliver
a more commercially sound segmentation

Our client, a key player in the financial services sector, was under pressure from smaller, more nimble market entrants.  Communications from the organisation were being driven at a mass-market level and did not consider individual customer needs and behaviours.

Jigsaw worked with existing behavioural data and overlayed an attitudinal segmentation to deliver a tighter and deeper understanding of customer needs and untapped segment opportunities.  The end result helped drive retention and acquisition KPIs through greater relevancy of messaging, tailored product offers and overall customer satisfaction.  The segmentation continues to be a foundation for strategic decisions within the business.


A Long Standing Partnership
with a Health Services Company

Jigsaw is embedded as part of the client’s marketing team. We extend their resource, work closely with their agencies and collaborate with them on local and global strategies.  We induct new team members and are active in their brand planning sessions.

We worked alongside them to create their first longitudinal community in Australia.  Two years later we have convinced them to use their investment differently to attack emerging issues within the business. It’s a mutually valuable relationship built on trust and our client’s respect for the insight we have into their customers and their business.


A Challenging Partnership
with One of the World’s Largest FMCG Companies

This client is a leader and absolutely respected in their field.  They do not do things by convention.  They do not want PowerPoint decks or standard focus groups.  They want a means to connect in and have game-changing conversations with their customers.

They are committed to challenging the traditional norm and want to play an active role in the research process.  We host high teas, we create Christmas in April, we fashion social events and construct clever and unusual interactions. Our client is constantly by our side learning as we go.  We embrace this need to be flexible and imaginative, with a fast and fearless approach to all our work.

Experience Journeys

Guiding product pipeline development
with a long-standing Pharma client

We are the ‘go-to’ partner for one of our key, global pharma clients in investigating new product and market opportunities across a number of chronic therapy areas.

These foundational studies have brought to life a thorough understanding of the patient experience at each stage of the journey via creative visual output and film.  Identifying moments of truth that detract from or reinforce condition/brand engagement has informed marketing decisions around communication and media planning for these specialist audiences.

case studies background
case studies background
case studies background
case studies background

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